Geosoft II

Open Source code from seminars at ifgi

Welcome to GeoSoft II

Geosoftware 2, or Geosoft II, is a seminar series for bachelor students at the Institute for Geoinformatics (ifgi, in Münster. This GitHub organisation collects source code from these seminars.

Contact @nuest when you want to contribute to this organisation.

2020/21 - An openEO back-end driver for geospatial data science using the Pangeo software stack

Students build an Earth data processing platform.

Teachers: @DaChro @nuest @edzer

Description of the project

2019/20 - Web platform for the integration of weather and social media data during extreme weather events

Students build a platform integrating extreme event weather data and social media data.

Teachers: @DaChro @nuest @edzer

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2018/19 - Enhancing discovery of geospatial datasets in data repositories

Students build upon Open Source data repository software to improve discovery of geospatial research datasets.

Teachers: @nuest @edzer

Description of the projects

2015/16 - Interactive scientific papers

Students create a web application for exploring spatio-temporal data embedded in LaTeX documents as interactive HTML pages.

Teachers: @mappl @nuest @edzer

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2014/15 - Ge(c)omment

Students create a web application for commenting and grading any kind of geodata based on categorical ratings, free text commments, as well as spatial and temporal aspects.

Teachers: @nuest @HolgerFritze

Description of the projects

2013/14 - enviroCar data analysis

Students develop a rich internet application for exploring and visualising spatio-temporal data collected in networked cars based on the enviroCar project. See the (German) project description document for details.

Teachers: @simonjirka @staschc

2012/13 - Visualization of Air Quality Data

During the winter semester 2012/13 the bachelor students worked on modelling and visualisation of air quality data based on the Air Quality Egg. The course “Geosoft II” introduces students to advanced application development (web services, user interfaces) for geospatial data and was a perfect fit to make more out of the sensor data stream provided by more and more Air Quality Eggs.

Description of the projects

2011/12 - Mobile and web-based platform for mapping road bumps with automatic and manual measuring of road bumps

Students develop a system for collecting data about road bumps, including both manual mapping with a mobile device and automatic measurements when driving over a road bump. The implementation is based on Android and collects data anonymously on a central server. The visualisation with maps and tables is possible via a web-based frontent. See the (German) project description document for details.

Original German title: "Mobile und Web-basierte Plattform zur Schlagloch kartierung mittels automatischer und manueller Schlaglochmessungen"

Teachers: Theodor Foerster @simonjirka