Visualization of Air Quailty Eggs

Open Source code from Geosoft II seminar at ifgi, winter semester 2012/13

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About the course

During the winter semester 2012/13 the bachelor students at the Institute for Geoinformatics (ifgi) worked on modelling and visualisation of air quality data based on the Air Quality Egg.
The course Geosoft II introduces students to advanced application development (web services, user interfaces) for geospatial data and was a perfect fit to get better information out of the sensor data streams provided by more and more Air Quality Eggs.
The course was taught by Edzer Pebesma, Katharina Henneböhl (both Spatio-temporal Modelling Lab, STML, at ifgi), Simon Jirka and Daniel Nüst (both 52°North).


In the following we will shortly present the results of the five groups. And of course all source code is open source and available on GitHub:


The highlight of Aeolos is a user friendly clean user interface which is suitable for newbies to the Air Quality Egg. Data can be visualized both on a map and a diagram all at a glance.




Semvis-Air is a system to visualize Air Quality Eggs in Münster. People can get an overview on a map or detailed information with the help of diagram or a table in a user-friendly way. A detailed support provides answers to almost all potential questions.




Eggtracker aims to bring air quality data to Münsters citizens. Air quality data is collected from Air Quality Eggs via the Cosm platform as well as from Lanuv, North-Rhine Westphalias bureau for nature related affairs. We made sure that Eggtracker is easy to use and that it works on mobile platform browsers.




QualitySCHU provides the possibilty to retrieve measurements captured by air quality eggs from all over the world, as well as to display data of all the LANUV stations situated in North Rhine-Westphalia; the list of active eggs is updated hourly. The simple design allows quick charging times with high clarity and combines familiar menu bars above the map with clickable tiles in the lower sensor bar area. Thereby QualitySCHU is characterized by simple, intuitive operability and invites users to a trip around the world accompanied by current air quality data.




SkyEagle is a system for visualization of Air Quality Egg data. It also integrates air quality data from the environmental agency of North Rhine-Westphalia ( Furthermore it provides an optimized mobile version of the SkyEagle website.


Code for parser and outlier detection, written in Java:
Code for Website: